Monday, October 1, 2012

Hiking to High Rock and the Last Day

Sunday we went to Church in a Ward that had more crying babies than I could ever imagine.  I know that kids can be loud but I think if your kid is loud you should take them out.  All of them together made it very difficult to listen to the speakers.  We did our best and eventually filtered out all the noise but I hope that if you have a loud crying baby you will know that is a good time to take them out so others can listen to the meeting.

After church we went to Dad's house where he was having a barbique for his birthday.  It was a delightful spread of every imaginable kind of food including critter balls (these were meatballs of 4 kinds of game meat, kabobs with different kinds of game and also plenty of seafood.  The food and the company was delicious and we really enjoyed ourselves.  

On Monday we went hiking.    David has been telling us about High rock for a couple years so we were excited to try the hike to it.  We got up pretty early because David had to work in the afternoon (remember he didn't get any time off even for a honeymoon.)  It was a great hike and it was pretty steep.  The views were great from up there and we enjoyed the time hiking together.  

 Our flight home was just as easy as the flight there.  I love flying and hope to be able to do it as a family more.  (Maybe I will have to get a part time job just so we can fly places instead of driving.)