Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our First Snow!

When we woke up there was less than an inch of slushy snow on the ground.  But it was snowing  hard and I was surprised to find out that we had school.  We bundled the kids up and Cameron decided to take  them down to the bus stop.  A few minutes after he left the girls were back and they had to walk because Cameron got stuck.  It took Cameron about a half hour to get himself unstuck from the snow.  About that time I became concerned because I figured the kids would miss the bus and they had not returned yet.  I called the school and sure enough they had missed the bus but they were not home yet.  I sent Cameron out looking for them... he made the mistake of taking the car he had just got stuck in to get them.  He was able to find them at the bottom of our hill hiding under a tree.  I am not sure why then did not walk home except that it was snowing too hard and they were not sure whether they had missed the bus or not.  Cameron headed home only to become stuck again in the snow.  The kids walked the rest of the way home and peeled their wet clothes off of themselves and warmed themselves in front of the fire with hot chocolate.  Obviously at this point we realized they would not be attending school because we couldn't get there.

Ali and Ashling decided we should make cookies since they didn't have school.

 About 45 minutes later Cameron came inside defeated with the car still stuck in the snow.  Later a neighbor had to drag him out of the snow.   It all would have been fine if they would have plowed but 10 inches of slushy snow makes it very hard to drive around on... especially on steep hills.

Later the kids went back outside and played in the snow.

We received a lot of snow that day and when we woke up in the morning we had about 18 inches, blue skies and a snow day!  Funny how the no school day was when we had beautiful blue skies and they had us go to school when it was impossible to get there.