Friday, January 18, 2013

Annika's 4th Birthday

For Annika's Birthday we decided to take her to Disneyland along with her friends that also have passes.  We got the other kids ready for school and then we went together.  The girls all dressed up as Belle.  Annika got the dress new for her birthday and the other girls had those dresses from before.  
 We got to go on the flying tire ride that I have never been on before.  It was fun... but would be more fun with more people who are bigger on the tire.  It works by throwing your weight around and Annika and I did not have enough of it to throw around.
 The main purpose of going to Disneyland was to eat at Ariel's Grotto.  We were waiting outside for it to be time.
 Here they are in from of the ferris wheel.
 The girls looked so cute for the picture they take and try to sell you for thirty dollars.  Mine is not the best but you get the idea.
 I love the decorations in the grotto... especially the lights.

 In this restaurant you order whatever you want and the food is the same price.  It is all good.  They bring out a big appetiser tower and bread that is very good.  I wish I had taken pictures of the food but I was too busy enjoying it.   The princesses walk around to each table.  Since it was Annika's birthday they also said Happy Birthday to her.  What a great way to spend your birthday being greeted by Princesses.

 After that we went on the Merry go round.  This is still Annika's favorite ride at the park.
 We then got to use fast passes to Ride Cars.  It was so much fun... again!
 We also rode on California Soaring with fast passes.  This is Annika's other favorite ride.  She loves it.  She screams and enjoys each part of it.  After that we headed over to Disneyland.  There were lots of characters to meet and Annika and Addie loved it.  Annika just loved Pluto.  He was her favorite character and she couldn't stop laughing as he hugged her.
 We met Minnie Mouse... we were the last ones who got to see her before she left.  Thanks for waiting Minnie!
 We then got to meet Alladin.  He showed us the world....
 We also got to see a re-enactment of the Jungle cruise by the staff since the jungle cruise was broken.   They pretended they were each of the animals and scenes from the Jungle Cruise.  We had a pretty good time with that.  We then went to the island and played around all the caves.  It was all fine until Annika didn't come out of the cave with them.  She was lost and we went looking for her.  A man called my name and then said Annika's mommy and Daddy.  I was impressed that she could give a stranger my name and her name so that he could help us find her.  Thanks to the stranger who helped us get back together!  She was only gone for a minute but it was scary to have her lost.  Those caves are not my favorite and we left soon after.

Annika wanted to ride the train so we rode that over to Toon Town.  She was unwilling to ride the roller coaster there and I didn't make her since it was her birthday.  We then ate cupcakes and then rode the tea cups and the merry go round at Disneyland.
 Our last ride was dumbo.  Annika loved that she got to hold the feather by herself
 Here is a picture of us together.
 Annika had some birthday money and she shopped the entire world of Disney store and finally decided to get this kitty.