Friday, July 26, 2013

Half Dome-day 4

We got up early for our hike to half dome.  I was nervous about the top and wanted to do it without very more people.  It was a beautiful hike up to the sub dome and Cameron and I made the hike quickly.  

Here I am looking at the actual path up the half dome.  I was realizing how vertical those cables are really placed!

 I tried to go up the half dome!  About a third of the way up my feet started to slip and my hands didn't seem to grip the cables so well.  I learned that those kind of heights are not for me and have never been so happy to be back on solid ground beneath my feet.  Cameron helped me go back down and then he easily climbed up to the top.  He is the white guy without a shirt on... it was really hot!

 Here is the picture of Cameron hugging me... Can't you see me?

 After everyone else made it to the top we hiked back down, picked up our packs and made our way down to the camp.  We spent the afternoon swimming and playing in the river... it was soooo refreshing.  Cameron tried to fish too but without much success.