Thursday, July 25, 2013

Yosemite Trip Day 3

The third day we planned to hike to the top of Clouds Rest.  After the day before we got up earlier in preparation for one of the hardest hiking days of the trip.  Here is Cameron almost ready to go.  
 The hike was easy for a mile or so and then headed up hill quite nicely.  Eventually the trail got pretty steep.  Cameron and I made good time and felt pretty good the entire time.
 When we got near the top of Clouds rest we ended up walking on some narrow rocks with quite a steep slope and either side.  Cameron was trying to wipe a fly away and ended up dropping a water bottle.. it rolled and rolled cracking as it went.  What a scary site!  We then quickly made it to the top!

When we continued to see lightning in the distance we decided to get off the top.   Then we began a long descent down to our campsite for the night at a trail junction.  It was a steep trail that made everyone's knees hurt.

That evening we tried to bathe in a stream... saw deer in camp and had a campfire.  Tad found out that he had cell reception and called... whoever he could much to our amazement!