Friday, March 21, 2014

A spring ski day at Snowbird

We decided to ski one more time at Snowbird.  It was a spring ski kind of day with a little ice in the morning and a little slush in the afternoon and it was nice and warm!  I thought the day was wonderful!  I enjoyed skiing with my girls... and watching their skills improve throughout the day.  In the morning Cameron went off to ski the tall slopes and I sent Ali and Ashling to ski by themselves while Annika and I skied together.  After lunch we all enjoyed some skiing together.  

At the end of the day we all enjoyed a ride up the tram to the top... It was quite a steep place to be and I was a little leary of the ledges where the snow rounded off but it was beautiful and we could see Heber from down there.  

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day Trip to Zion

We went up to St George for Grandma Moore's 85th birthday.  I would have pictures of that but the incredible wind and dust caused us all to look such that I didn't feel like taking pictures.  Nevertheless we had a great afternoon playing birthday party games and watching the second cousins play around together.  All the great grand kids who were there were girls and they all got along great.  

The next morning after church we decided to drive through Zion on our way to Utah.  Here are some pictures of our drive.  

 Annika really loves her Papa
 All the girls really wanted to do was swim in the Virgin river.  

I climbed this peak (Angels Landing) several years ago.  I like this picture of it.  
 We went on a little walk and Annika had to run around.
I have also hiked the Zion Narrows which was a great hike.  
 Annika learned to climb the rocks. 
 Wow!  That is one hot guy!
 The girls playing in the river
 Mike hiked the narrows with us when we went.

We are reluctant about being photographed.  We like this picture of our back half just fine.  
 My kids have the best Grandparents.  
 Here is an actual family picture of us.  

Friday, March 14, 2014

Field Trip to the Living Desert

Annika's class went on a field trip to the Living Desert.  

Here is Annika who wanted her picture taken on a wild pig.  
 This is the bird that Annika took a picture of from the show we watched

 The best part of the Living Desert was the bird exhibit. They gave us a stick with bird seed on it and we walked into a room with a ton of birds.  The birds landed all over everyone trying to eat the bird seed.  Annika loved it... me not so much...

     The living Desert always reminds me that I have a serious weakness for heat.  I could not handle the hot 95 degree heat and was grateful to get back in the car and refresh ourselves with ice cream on the drive home.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Family Walk

We went on a walk by the Jordan River near our hotel one afternoon.  It had rained all morning but the afternoon was beautiful and it wasn't even that cold.  Pretty amazing for February!