Saturday, February 7, 2015

Jamaica Vacation Day 1

Cameron earned a trip to Jamaica for the both of us for meeting some sales goals his company set.  We ended up going to Montego Bay to an all inclusive resort.  It was a red-eye flight to Atlanta followed by another flight to Jamaica but we finally arrived.  (Delta had some incredibly small seats on the first half of the plane ride... I wonder how I can avoid flying on those planes again?)  The airport was a little bit of a pain to go through customs but eventually we arrived outside the gates and met our driver to the resort.  Prinsco did a great job picking a resort and it was beautifully placed on the end of a pennisula all by itself.  

Here is a picture of our view from our hotel room.  I couldn't complain!

 Here is a view of the inside of the room.  It was a nice room with a nice tub and shower.  The balcony had a couple chairs and a table too which was wonderful!
 We settled in and changed into our suits and then went to find lunch.  We found this peacock.
 We spent the first afternoon swimming in the ocean, going to the pool and enjoying ourselves.  Later we accidently snuck into the preferred room pool area and enjoyed using their warm and cool pools.

Once it was dark we were surprised by all the sounds that the bugs make in Jamaica.  Here is a video of that.  That night we met with Prinsco employees and had a great dinner.