Friday, February 13, 2015

Jamaican Vacation Day 6 and Day 7

I didn't take any pictures on Thursday... we did about the same thing all over again.  It was still rough weather but the sun was out more.  Cameron played 13 rounds of corn hole and he won every time!  What an accomplishment.

Friday we went on another excursion to Negril.   First though we tried to paddle board again but since the sea was too rough we went kayaking.  Here is a picture of the resort we stayed at from the water.  Not too bad looking right?

 We went to 7 mile beach in a taxi with some couples from Cameron's team.  They had to make a little post card to send to the guy who didn't go... The beach was nice but there were tons of people hawking things to us and I didn't appreciate that all that much.  Let's just say whatever you wanted to buy was available on that beach!
 We then went to the rock house cafe to see the sun set.  It was a very beautiful location and made the entire day worth it!  The food was great and the views were amazing.  One thing to note about Jamaica... they do not do anything quickly.  After a week on the island we were pretty relaxed and used to dinner being a 3 hour affair.