Sunday, November 18, 2007

uhh...what happened to winter, guys?

So, here it is, the end of November, and yesterday, my daughters were playing outside at 9:30 am IN THEIR BATHING SUITS, UP HERE IN THE MOUNTAINS! This just isn't right. It is as if I am being mocked for believing that moving to the mountains would provide me more seasonal weather patterns than in Murrieta. I guess I blame it all on global warming. Isn't that the "hip" thing to do? C'mon everyone, there's a band-wagon, let's get on it!

Okay, I believe in global warming. I also believe in global cooling (Some places in the antarctic have recently been found to contain record depths of ice). I also believe in random weather patterns and repeating weather patterns which have very little to do with the influence of human activity. But hey, if driving a hybrid that costs $5000 more than the non-hybrid helps you sleep at night, more power to you. Just realize that when you plug that thing in, the electricity is likely coming from a COAL FIRED power plant out in Utah or Nevada somewhere.

I actually don't mind the sensationalism. I truly am environmentally minded at heart. Just ask my wife! She can tell you the crazy notions I have about how our forests are used and destroyed. Fortunately, the above mentioned sensationalism is what it takes to get folks perked up about environmental issues. So yes, I blame global warming for this unseasonably beautiful weather. I am sure Shane is loving it, as he always says "this is just beautiful weather...gorgeous day!" There are times when I would pay money for the kind of days we are having right now, but we also need to realize that if we don't get some serious rain this winter, rationing is likely for all of so cal next summer!

In other news - I am no longer a man. I sold my soul, err truck I mean. Yeah, you know that big ol' truck o' rid of er'. I am now a true urbanite driving a much more practical vehicle. I may sound bitter, but don't be fooled by me imminent sarcasm. I am glad to get rid of that truck because the mileage is killing my budget. I have to say though...props to Ford. My 5.4 lilter V8 in my lifted truck with 107000 miles delivered endless power and 15 mpg! Some guy I talked to at the gas station last week who drives a brand-spankin' new Titan said he's lucky to get 11 mpg...Sheesh, feel sorry for that budget! I liked the Ford, but hey, gotta do what you gotta do, right? So now I drive a new Subaru Impreza. I like the car a whole heck of a lot already, and I didn't take long to remember how to smoothly operate a clutch after a 6-year hiatus from manual transmissions. I can again feel the exhilaration of driving the legacy GT I used to own running in my veins again...Hopefully tickets don't offset fuel savings.


Me said...

uhh...I got your winter right here in Bozeman. Come on up and enjoy the below zero temps and snow for as long as you like.

Stacey and Tony said...

Concord NH had it's first snow today! Guess winter has just not hit California yet. It's saving it for Christmas.