Tuesday, February 17, 2009

President's Day Activities!

This picture is not from President's Day but I like it so I put it here.
Once there was a snow man, snow man, snow man,
Once there was a snow man tall tall tall.
Ali is sliding down the big burms. We have about 4 1/2 feet on the ground right now.
Ashling is trying to get around by crawling because the snow is so deep.
Ali and the snow man. Did you know that snowmen wake up at night and play, have snow ball fights, sled and do other things. And then in the morning they go back to the same position they were in all night? This is what Ali told me this morning.

President's Day dawned with the beginnings of another storm. Cameron decided to stay home from work since the snow was predicted to fall all day. He took 6 hours to get home in Friday's storm and he didn't want to deal with that again. We enjoyed a relaxing day of watching it snow, Cameron snow blowing every few hours, the girls playing in the snow, and I held Annika almost all day. (She was having a fussy day.) We also put the girls bunk beds together.

In the evening I decided I needed a walk and a break from the house. The snow wasn't falling but it was cold. Ali and I bundled up and left on our snowy walk. When we turned around hail pellets the size of dimes started to fall hard. We ended up walking with our hands on our faces. All of a sudden there was a flash of lightning and thunder at the same time. I hit the ground and pulled Ali down with me . I have only been so scared from lightning one other time (when hiking we were caught in a thunderstorm at the top of a peak and ran down in the rain.) We ran all the way back to the house and were glad to be safely inside. It was an adventure and I am glad that I went out in the weather to experience it.


Shar said...

WOW! wow to all that snow and wow to your's and ali's little adventure :) so I am really glad we don't have that much snow because I would be scared to drive to work every day. but it looks beautiful and like so much fun!