Monday, October 26, 2009

A time to Dance

Two layoffs in the past week and a bad attitude were looming over us and dooming our trip. An empty bank account threatened to destroy it. But the tickets were a gift, the hotel was paid for with time-share points his parents had, and even our food was brought along or promised to be paid for by others. I have never been on a free vacation and I felt it would be unlikely to really occur. Our bags were packed and everything was waiting. I was a little nervous about leaving my baby for two days. I wanted to feel excitement but I didn't feel anything.

The big grey truck arrived to ferry us to the concert. We drove off playing No Line on the Horizon. We enjoyed listening to the newest U2 CD and used our cell phones for those last minute details as we left the San Bernardino valley behind us. While we were going up the Cajon Pass I noticed the stress release a little in Cameron. There was a hint of an honest smile and his eyes did not look so weary. As we pulled into Victorville it seemed a little more clear. I could visibly see the stress leave his face as each new song was played. And the stress was replaced with something less tangible. His smile seemed real, his attitude became carefree, his words were friendly and fun. The small creaselines by his eyes disappeared and even the gray in his hair became less pronounced. By the time we hit Baker I could not feel the tension in the air around Cameron anymore. Cameron played through 6 or 7 U2 cd's and explained which songs he thought they would play that night for us.

I still was stressed. My back ached, my stomache hurt a little and I wondered what this weekend would bring. I enjoyed the music but I couldn't let myself release the stress even if the weekend would be worry free. My favorite part of that drive was watching my husband unwind and seeing the man I loved emerge from the stress shell.

The condo was beautiful and the temperature was amazing. Las Vegas is always beautiful in the fall. We enjoyed a great couple of hours hanging out with Wade and Melissa. We checked out the pool, planned our dinner and clothing choices and at last sat down to a Cafe Rio dinner. After dinner we put on the final touches and headed out to the stadium. In the car I felt sick. Sick like I might die and they would have to bury me between the bleachers of the stadium seating. But by the time we got to the concert I was feeling a little better.

The set for the concert was amazing. Cameron wants that stereo system for our living room. We found our seats were blocked a little by the leg of their space ship but I was okay with that. When the opening act, "The Black eyed Peas" came on the sound caused our seats to vibrate. I didn't expect to like the opening act but it was actually quite a fun show and I enjoyed dancing to a couple of their songs. The last song they played was "Tonight is going to be a good night." And then the stress left me. I forgot about unpaid bills, grocery shopping, empty bank accounts and possible layoffs and I just danced to the music. I have never felt stress leave me so quickly and be replaced with a carefree attitude but it felt wonderful.

U2 was amazing. We saw them before in Salt Lake but it was not like this. The sound in the stadium was great where the sound in the Delta Center had been poor at best. They played every song I wanted them to play and more. We danced and sang and enjoyed ourselves all evening. I held my husbands hand and wrapped my arm around him and he sang the words to me like he always does.

The rest of the weekend was relaxing. Cameron made us breakfast, we sat by the pool, swam in the pool, sat in the hot tub, ate at a buffet, ate a delicious breakfast prepared for by Wade and Melissa, and enjoyed time without the kids. Thanks Bonnie, Erin, Shane, Chalon, Todd, Wade, Melissa, Mike and Sue for knowing that even though it is a time to cut back and a time to conserve there is also a time to sing and a time to dance.