Thursday, March 11, 2010

Big Bowl

The run I skied down is the one in the middle that is steep. It doesn't look really steep in this picture but I promise it is.

I took Ali skiing by herself on Wednesday. I picked her up directly after lunch from school and we headed up to the mountain. Ali is an excellent skier and each time I see her I am impressed as she gets better and better. She is faster and more adventurous then I will probably ever be.

She decided that my goal for the day would be to go down Big Bowl (a long steep black diamond that at the beginning of the season scared me to death.) She skied in front of me and showed me the way down the hill and waited patiently at the bottom when it took me longer to go. We also skied down another new black diamond called surprise run. There she was so far ahead of me that she sat down and waited for me at the bottom.

I did it! I skied down big Bowl which I never thought I would actually be willing to ski down. It was fun and I enjoyed it! My goal for the year skiing was fulfilled!

It was fun to watch her skiing all day. She is really quite good. She loved being in charge and deciding where we would go skiing. We skied down several black diamonds and the snow was perfect. It was a great day to be skiing! We had a blast all day and were disappointed to see the lifts were closed.