Friday, March 5, 2010

Snow Valley Fridays

Cameron did not have work today as it was another furlough Friday! I wish these Fridays without pay would end but we sure do have fun without them.
All season long we have been skiing on Fridays. Ali has a class and I have been teaching Ashling how to ski. It is wonderful to see the whole community up on the mountain and to ski with friends. We planned to go up early due to Ali not needing to be at school very badly on Friday. We headed up right after we picked Ashling up at preschool and dropped Annika off at Grandma's. Ashling ate her corn dog in the parking lot before we started. This is Ali with her helmet on... isn't she cute?
Ali and Ashling at the top of Chair one

Cameron at the top of Chair 1. I really liked his long hair hanging over his goggles. He looks great!

Family picture. Can't wait until Annika is up here too!

One run Ali wanted to lead Ashling down the mountain. Ashling is the best follower when skiing ever! She followed Ali wherever she wanted to go and they both loved it. It was very cute to watch.

Right after this picture Ashling crashed into me jumping over my skis and head diving into the ground. We thought it was funny but she didn't.

The big accomplishment for me was that I finally skied down a black diamond. My goal for this year has been to ski down Little Bowl. And I did. I was ready and wasn't even scared. I didn't ski it with any sort of grace but I never fell and never cried so I consider it a big accomplishment. I actually skied down it 3 times and would have done more but there were other places to be skied. I feel like I accomplished my ski goals for this year but I still home we will get to ski a few more times before Spring comes.

This is my neice, DD. Cameron's sister and family met us up there and we skied with them all day. I loved spending time with my neices and seeing them ski. I ended up getting to keep them and ski with them for a couple of hours by myself.

This is the big "T". She is a dare devil skiier who loves jumps and going on steep things.

Here is Cam's sister and little W. She sure was a trooper going wherever we wanted her to even when it wasn't easy.
As soon as they got there we headed back to Slide Peak. The last time I skied on Slide Peak I almost cried because I thought it was so steep. This time it seemed fun and pretty easy. I loved skiing down the runs. The snow was perfect. I skied down both the blue runs and it was perfect. I never wanted to leave but Slide Peak closes early and so after 5 runs we left.


Shar said...

It is so cool that you all have a hobby to share together!I love it. We want our family hobby to be rock climbing. That reminds me, I need to post pics of the rock wall Trav built in his studio! I'll dot hat soon.