Monday, March 15, 2010

Daffodils, tomatoes, sunflowers, and raspberry plants

These pictures are courtesy of my blog from March 2008. I think it must have snowed a whole lot less that year...

I am thinking about Spring today. The sun is out and it is above freezing. Even the wind has stopped. I think it is about 47 degrees but the sun feels warm. I went on a walk this morning and I didn't wear a coat or snow boots. I saw some dafodils that were poking their way up on the south facing slopes. I thought I would take some pictures so that you can see what my yard looks like while I am waiting for spring.

This is the bare patches of dirt that exist mainly under trees where not as much snow feel. This is the most dirt I have seen in my backyard since January.

This is my six foot tall fence that I can still easily hop over but can not open.

While most of my yard is burried in snow I am thinking about spring. I am thinking about what I will plant in my garden. I have a list. For veges: lettuce, carrots, peas, and onions are going to go in as soon as I get the snow off my garden. Maybe we will need to shovel it. I think I am going to start pumpkins and zuccinni inside. I will be planting tomatoes and peppers in pots on the deck where the sun can get them all year. I think I will try an herb basket and grow cilantro inside. We are also going to plant raspberries along one of our fences. Hopefully they will grow well.

As far as flowers go I am still thinking. I think I will grow the big tall sunflowers against my house. I love those flowers. I am thinking about growing a sunflower tent but I don't know if I really will or not. I need some flowers in pots for on my deck. Does anybody have any ideas? I want a flower that will tolerate heat and keep bloomin over and over again all year long. I like pink, yellow, orange and red flowers. I love the shasta daisy's but so do the gophers that live in my yard. (This will be the year that they leave... I hope.) I also love lilies and have some planted in my yard. There are cosmos that will come up too.

I have my eye on a beautiful dogwood tree too. I guess we will see what the budget says and how much I actually get to plant. For now I am thinking, planning and dreaming of spring.