Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rock climbing

We have been rock climbing a few times this summer and I finally took a few pictures. It has been fun to just go in the evenings when it is cool outside but warm in our house. I am happy to report that I have climbed to the top of each route I have tried and even done a few "hard" moves. My best move was on this climb when I pulled myself up using mostly arm strength I didn't know I had. I also had to mantle a few moves and learned a lot about balancing. I also took my first fall this month where I actually tried something and then fell. There was no danger involved and the rope caught me right when I fell. It wasn't scary at all and I think that everyone should have to fall on the rope so they know how it feels.

The girls have also been learning, very slowly, how to rock climb. The worst is when they will not properly come down the rock and Cameron has to climb up to help them come down. Here I am at the top of the route! Hurray I made it! It was hard and worth the effort.

We brought the pack and play which made everyone but Annika much happier!
Here is Ali trying rock climbing with actual rock climbing shoes. Thanks to nice friends for lending their kids rock climbing shoes. I guess if we keep this up we will have to get our own!