Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cabo San Lucas

I have been home from Cabo San Lucas for almost a week but my heart is still there. I think I will be returning. There is something to be said for going to a different country, eating their food, fumbling while speaking their language and enjoying the beautiful settings they had. We got an early start Saturday morning at 4:30 am when our alarm went off. I did not mind because we were going on vacation. We left gray, foggy skies behind on a plane that left on time bound for a party place. Going to a party location makes the plane a lot more fun than usual.

We got to the rental car location quickly and without too much problems. The locals like to try and get you to go to their timeshare location but we just plowed through them and got our rental car. Soon we were on the road. We chose to take the toll road which does not go through San Jose Del Cabo which was a great decision. Our drive to Cabo was along the coastal shore and we saw tons of beautiful beaches as we were driving.

We stopped at Costco for lunch and for a few things we needed, mainly water and muffins for breakfast. Then we found our house we were staying at. The house is in El Tezal. Eat me Lures
gave the room to my dad as a prize for winning one of his fishing tournaments and he gave it to us since he chose to stay elsewhere. I was very impressed with the location and the place.
We could see the ocean quite well from the roof top area and enjoyed waking up each morning to eat our muffins on the roof with the gentle breeze. We could also see how many cruise ships were going to be in port each day.

Cameron and I enjoyed a nap to recover from our plane ride and then went to the Finestera to meet My Dad, Natalya, Stacey, and Amanda. We planned to go to a place called the Shrimp House but could not find it and finally gave up. We instead ended up at a little place called the Pescador. In Cabo all the restaurants are open and there is no air conditioning. At first this bugged me a little and I thought it hot but by the time we came home I found the load noise and cold air conditioning of our restaurants to be much more annoying.

We ordered shrimp, lobster and fish to share between Cameron, Stacey and I. I am not a fan of sea food but since that is what there is in Cabo I decided to be a brave partaker. I was amazed by how good everything was. I loved it all! I can not imagine what made me not love seafood. Maybe it was the way they brought the shrimp right to the restaurant same day?

This is Cameron's, "What happens in Cabo, Stays in Cabo" face. It is a virgin drink.
Here we are outside the little restaurant.
We enjoyed our walk home around the harbor and saw the biggest catamoran pull into port. The weather was perfect!

This is the view from one side of my dad's hotel. He stayed right near the port and we enjoyed his views each day and we met for dinner.

Just looking at the pictures makes me miss Cabo. I think I need to be planning a vacation to go back soon! I hope my dad wins to go down there again!