Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chileno Beach Wednesday May 11, 2011

We planned to go to Chileno Beach because it looked beautiful from the road and we heard it was a great place to snorkel. We are very glad that we went. This beach is a public beach and the Mexican government wants to make sure it is pristine. It was very different from the other beaches because no one tried to sell us anything the whole time we were there. It made it very relaxing. It must be illegal or I am sure they would all try. There were a lot of palm trees and a perfect board walk down to the sand.

The water was so clear and it looked amazing!
Another amazing part about the beach was all the palapas that we could sit under. We were there fairly early and so we grabbed one but we had to walk a ways down the beach to find one that was unoccupied. I wish the California Beaches did this because the shelf was very nice for hanging things we wanted out of the sand.

The beach had areas especially designated for snorkeling and since we were unsure of where to go we decided this must be the best area. We got on our snorkel gear and headed into the water armed with bread to help us see the fish. They were everywhere and you got bombarded by fish begging for the bread as soon as we went underwater. It scared Stacey and she didn't want to do it anymore so she gave me all her bread too. The snorkeling was fun and we saw lots of tropical looking fish. We ended up swimming around the rocks and going to another beach. Stacey really wanted sea glass and so she spent a long time looking around for it. We found out it is hard to find on their beaches because there are people who spend all day being paid to pick up any trash. They gave us the sea glass and also some small shells for my girls.
We snorkeled back around seeing big fish and also a huge shell that Cameron wanted to dive for but it was too deep to get.
We enjoyed sitting under the palapa and ate some snacks we brought with us.

Then Stacey wanted to get more sea glass and so we walked over to the other side of the beach and looked for more sea glass. We also saw a million crabs on the rocks but no star fish? Do starfish only exist in colder water?

It was hot and I love to swim so we went out in the water again.

Here is the pirate ship that doesn't even use its sails bringing people in to snorkel and scuba dive.
After we were tired of the beach we went back to our house to shower and clean up. We were disappointed to find out that we had missed going to see Amanda swim with the dolphins. When we were cleaned up we went shopping for awhile. It was hot and I didn't really appreciate the shopping experience too much because we were looking all over for a silver store that I couldn't find. Stacey liked to ask each and every retailer what something cost, then negotiate a much cheaper price, and then finally decide she didn't want it. One store owner threw a hammock she decided not to buy at Cameron and said, "Fine you can have it for free." Cameron really enjoyed everyone thinking that he had two wives the whole time.

Finally we found a store that had the silver starfish necklace that I wanted for a good price and so we bought it. We headed back to the hotel and met Stacey who had walked back. Natalya and Amanda were there and we waited for Dad to get back. We ended up going to the Shrimp Factory for dinner after deciding that the giggling Marlin was just too expensive. The Shrimp Factory was okay but still pricey for what we got. The favorite was the bacon and cheese stuffed shrimp that were a heart attack waiting to happen. I loved the coconut shrimp and sauce just like the outback only fresher. I now love sea food!