Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thursday May 12, 2011

I liked paddle boarding so much that I wanted to do it again. So Cameron and I woke up with enough time to head down to the beach early in the morning. We rented a paddle board (just one this time) as early as we could. The water is so calm in the morning before all the boats and wind makes it choppy. It was much easier to paddle board and once I got out of the waves I was able to stand right up.

After paddle boarding for about 25 minutes I was tired. The time before I fell so often I didn't get tired. So I let Cameron have a turn. He did much better too!

A good view of the beach!

After paddle boarding we met Stacey and Amanda at the hotel. We planned to go shopping for a little while to finish seeing all the stores. I love trying to see what the best price is for something. I got my mom a nice mexico dress and we bought the girls anklets. We also bought a hammock for our yard. When we got tired we found a place advertising 3 tacos for 45 pesos. It seemed like a great deal. We got tacos along with guacamole, rice, beans and chips. We also got to try mole which has cocoa in it but is a salsa type dip. I really liked it.

This is a replica of the biggest marlin ever caught! It is quite a fish and Cameron was quite impressed. They had to cut it into three pieces to put it in the boat.
After walking around in the sun we decided to head back to the pool. Amanda really wanted a big water fight and we tried to appease her. It is hard to have siblings that are so much older than you but we tried to be kids for a little while. Cameron was the best at the water fight.

After swimming we went back up to the hotel and hung out until dad got home. We also checked the internet. All week dad had not caught one fish that counted for the tournament. He was feeling pretty sad about it. But when we checked the computer team Just Keep Fishing had caught one marlin. It is amazing what one little fish can do for the morale of the team. When dad got back he was so happy and ready to go out and celebrate. He was still excited about the fish he caught at 9:00 in the morning. We watched the video and then got ready to go out to eat.

We went out to eat at a place called Maro's shrimp house. It was the best place we ate at all week. The food was amazing and it was the only place that completely filled up. It was fun to feel like we were celebrating and Dad was glad that he didn't have to move in order to save face.

The food was once again amazing. I can honestly say I like sea food now! And I wish for another lobster right now.


Jesse said...

What a super fun trip! How great that you got to spend it with so much family (and without kiddos in tow). Also, I think the key to loving seafood is being able to eat it right out of the sea. Makes a huge difference, right? Thanks for all the beautiful pictures and the fun recap. Glad you guys got to enjoy so much!