Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Dresses

I just wanted a post with my cute girls in their Christmas dresses. They feel as if they are princesses and we know they are. They were so cute on Sunday in these dresses. After church was over Ali and Ashling saw each other and gave each other a big hug. I am glad to know that they love each other so much.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope that everyone is doing something fun for thanksgiving. Write and tell me what your thanksgiving plans are. Ali had a feast in her class for thanksgiving. It was so fun. Each class made something for the Thanksgiving feast. Ali's class contributed pumpkin pie. They had turkey, mashed potatoes, pop corn, pumpkin muffins, and sweet potato pie. They dressed as indians and pilgrims and the indians gave all the pilgrims necklaces. I love how this school is able to cook things and celebrate holidays. They refuse to destroy the holidays for everyone like some schools are trying to do. After the feast I took the girls to the park. We are not supposed to get any snow yet but it is cooling off for the weekend. So I thought the girls should get their wiggles out before it is too cold to. Happy Holidays and Happy Haliday shopping.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

uhh...what happened to winter, guys?

So, here it is, the end of November, and yesterday, my daughters were playing outside at 9:30 am IN THEIR BATHING SUITS, UP HERE IN THE MOUNTAINS! This just isn't right. It is as if I am being mocked for believing that moving to the mountains would provide me more seasonal weather patterns than in Murrieta. I guess I blame it all on global warming. Isn't that the "hip" thing to do? C'mon everyone, there's a band-wagon, let's get on it!

Okay, I believe in global warming. I also believe in global cooling (Some places in the antarctic have recently been found to contain record depths of ice). I also believe in random weather patterns and repeating weather patterns which have very little to do with the influence of human activity. But hey, if driving a hybrid that costs $5000 more than the non-hybrid helps you sleep at night, more power to you. Just realize that when you plug that thing in, the electricity is likely coming from a COAL FIRED power plant out in Utah or Nevada somewhere.

I actually don't mind the sensationalism. I truly am environmentally minded at heart. Just ask my wife! She can tell you the crazy notions I have about how our forests are used and destroyed. Fortunately, the above mentioned sensationalism is what it takes to get folks perked up about environmental issues. So yes, I blame global warming for this unseasonably beautiful weather. I am sure Shane is loving it, as he always says "this is just beautiful weather...gorgeous day!" There are times when I would pay money for the kind of days we are having right now, but we also need to realize that if we don't get some serious rain this winter, rationing is likely for all of so cal next summer!

In other news - I am no longer a man. I sold my soul, err truck I mean. Yeah, you know that big ol' truck o' rid of er'. I am now a true urbanite driving a much more practical vehicle. I may sound bitter, but don't be fooled by me imminent sarcasm. I am glad to get rid of that truck because the mileage is killing my budget. I have to say though...props to Ford. My 5.4 lilter V8 in my lifted truck with 107000 miles delivered endless power and 15 mpg! Some guy I talked to at the gas station last week who drives a brand-spankin' new Titan said he's lucky to get 11 mpg...Sheesh, feel sorry for that budget! I liked the Ford, but hey, gotta do what you gotta do, right? So now I drive a new Subaru Impreza. I like the car a whole heck of a lot already, and I didn't take long to remember how to smoothly operate a clutch after a 6-year hiatus from manual transmissions. I can again feel the exhilaration of driving the legacy GT I used to own running in my veins again...Hopefully tickets don't offset fuel savings.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Home for the Holidays!

I am very excited because Tony, Stacey, David and my mom are coming for Christmas. And it is even better than last year. Now everyone is coming and staying for awhile! It is very nice of everyone to come here and I am grateful that they all can come. I guess sky miles do come in handy sometimes. Now all I need is ideas of how to keep them all entertained and not going crazy with two small children asking them to do something all the time. At least Ali is in school part of the time. That should make it easier. Any ideas on fun things to do with the family?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veteran's Day Weekend

The weekend has been pretty low key for us. We went on a hike up to Keller Peak with the girls. Ali hiked very well. It was the best she has hiked ever. I think she is finally getting ready for some longer hikes. There were tons of roads cut along the trail to provide fire support. We also saw some one taking advantage of these roads to 4 by4.

We also helped a family in our ward who lost their house to the fire move in to a new house. They seemed in such high spirits that I was impressed with their ability to cope with life. This particular family did not have any insurance and were mostly just making do with what others had given them. But they were happy. I guess we do not need possessions to be happy. It makes me wonder why I think I have to have so many things when really we do not need most of them. Gives meaning to the scripture that we should lay up our treasures in heaven and not on earth.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mommy what are we doing today?

Well we are lucky because we have not had any problems as a result of the fire. Cameron was able to work so we still received a paycheck, we didn't have to stay in a hotel thanks to Chalon and Todd and most importantly our house didn't burn so we still have a place to call home. But there are still the little things. We still are not in school. It will not start until the 12th of November. So I am constantly having to decide what to do to keep one very busy 5 year old who wishes to be in school busy. We have been doing many things this week. Ashling got a hair cut-she was convinced it would hurt and very scared but behaved very well under the bribe of a cookie. We went to Toy's R Us and the kids told me what they wanted for Christmas. That was very fun.

Yesterday we went to the Zoo with our friends The Holmes. That was a blast! Although we discovered we probably could have just let the girls play at her house and they would have been just as happy. I was very impressed with the playful Zebras. They were wrestling and having fun. Also the gorillas had babies which are always entertaining but it was especially interesting to see one angry mama clobber another gorilla who got too close to her baby. The highlight of the day was two tiny baby monkeys in the cribs at the nursery. They were as cute as newborns. I wanted to hold one. Then we got lost in San Diego for awhile and were saved by mapquest and her husband. We had dinner at Red Robbin and then let the balloons go in the parking lot. (This is a very good way to not have to worry about what to do with a dead balloon in the morning.)

Today the girls had gymnastics and we spent the whole day down the hill. Ashling loved doing flips today and Ali loved being able to get on the bar all by herself. We also went to the park where the girls tried to get rid of energy. Ashling had a doctor's appointment and behaved as well as an adult after the bribe of a milkshake if she laid still. We also went to Chalon's and the girls played together for a little while.

I am tired and out of ideas for what we are going to do for the five more days until school starts so any ideas?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Home Sweet Home and Halloween pictures

We are home at last. Running Springs is not devestated. I have not driven by the burn area due to the fact that I have not had time but while driving to my house you can see burned areas but everything is not devestated. Our house is not smoky and you can not tell there was a fire from our house. I guess we were very lucky. I could see some burned areas but overall the fire seems to have preferred houses to the forrest in general. I am sure that I will find more as I get out and look later this week.

Halloween was fun. We went trick or treating with the cousins. It was a lot of kids and they were able to do most of it themselves. Ashling got tired and gave her pumkin to daddy to carry for awhile about half way through. Then the big kids wanted to go dump their pumpkins. Ashling decided that she had enough candy and did not want to go walking anymore. Instead she loved handing out candy. Ali also tired before the other cousins. Here are some pictures to go along with the post.