Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy 40th Anniversary Mom and Dad

Today is Mike and Sue's 40th anniversary. That is amazing and I've got to give them lots of props for being married that long. In a world where most people don't make it 7 years they have given us a lot to aspire to. I thought in my post I would put some of my observations of them as a married couple.

They still act like newlyweds. All summer they were in Alaska and in nearly every email Mike had carved his and Sue's name in some new tree.

Sue ironed Mike's shirts every night when he was working. I wonder what she does with that time now? Since I am not sure that I have ever irons a shirt for Cameron I am pretty impressed with that (although being impressed is as far as I am willing to go.)

Mike is great about waiting patiently on his wife. (There is a country song out right now about this and it reminds me of him.) When they are in a hurry he does everything he can and then just waits (and waits and waits) patiently for her to finish whatever it is that she needs to do. (That is why he has yatzee and the other pocket games.) I am sure he learned this in the 40 years of them being married.

Sue will happily go to the Sierras to fish with Mike anytime he wants and seems to let him go fishing whenever he wants. She just makes sure that she has her camera or a good book to keep her company.

They work well together. They built their entire house together once long ago and although I was not around to see that I can imagine it wasn't easy. Then in the past 6 years they have built an entire addition. Through all the many decisions and hours and hours or hard work I have not seen them argue or bicker at each other but just work hard together to get the job done.

They have raised four children together who have grown up, married in the temple and have provided them with grandchildren to love. I know this came from their love and dedication, hundreds of soccer, baseball and soccer games, thousands of late night homework assignments and millions of prayers and we appreciate their efforts.

They happily complete any church assignment they are given and support each other even when it includes too many early morning meeting, late nights and worries. They have shown their children how to be dedicated to church.

I think the most important thing I have noticed about them is that they still try to impress each other. They still do the little and big things to make each other happy. I think that is a great example of how to keep your marriage alive. As long as you are actively trying to love each other everything will turn out.

Lastly they are an excellent example of how to vacation and explore the world. In the past year they have been to Mexico, driven to Alaska for the entire summer, visited the Sierras, and are now vacationing in Hawaii for their 40th!
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad We love you!

(and we are only a little bit jealous that you didn't take us along but we know you will next time right? see they even know that you don't take your kids with you on your anniversary trips. :)


Melissa Garn said...

What a sweet tribute! It makes me want to be a better wife!