Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our Baby

My baby has decided today to move quite a lot. I was surprised to see her moving quite so much and to feel it. For about four hours she never really quit moving and she seemed to be playing soccer with an imaginary ball inside my stomach. At one point my stomach went up at least two inches and I was surprised it could expand quite that far. I never felt the other girls move quite so much or could see it quite so clearly. Ali really got in on the action and put her hand on my tummy and felt her move over and over again. If we pushed on her she seemed to push back and play with us. Then Ali sang her a song which made her be quiet for a minute as if she was listening. Maybe it is because the girls are so excited for our baby to get here but I have never felt like I could interact with a baby inside me quite so much. She must have quite the social personality to be interested in interacting with us so much before she is born. (Or perhaps she just has to remind us that she is there and wants attention. After all she is the third child.)


Ina said...

I broke my cell phone and lost your phone number so if you ever want to talk to me again you will have to call me sorry and I don't even have kids to blame for the broken cell phone. It was all my fault. :(