Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Cell Phone

I left my cell phone home on Saturday. I do not usually go anywhere without it. It is attached to my body and I am known to go back in the house to get it just to go to Ali's bus stop. (What if she isn't on the bus and I need to call the school?) But for some reason even though I was going shopping for the afternoon with friends (who I had to meet down there,) I left the phone at home. I got about 15 minutes from home and realized it was not with me and I just sat there on the side of the road. It seemed ridiculous to turn around for a cell phone but I was unsure of how I would meet up with my friends and unsure of the way pay phones work. But I decided to drive solo to Ontario Mills.

I guess in this day and age cell phones are almost completely necessary. Once I was down there I found a pay phone in the mall and made a call to my husband. He called my friends who were stuck in traffic (due to a big fire in Southern California) and found out they would be late. By now I was shopping in Gap and waiting for them to come find me. So he called the store and they tried to find me to relay the message that I would need to wait even longer. I shopped and shopped in the store and finally decided to check out before I found too much to buy. A lady at the front asked, "Are you Michelle?" Of course my answer was no but eventually we figured out that I was the pregnant woman she was looking for and so I got the message. We finally met up and the rest of the afternoon was fun. But when I was driving home at night I again felt naked and worried that the car would break down somewhere and I would have to walk to a pay phone again.

The moral to this story is that if I had to choose one item to not live without I am pretty sure it would be my little pink cell phone. I am sure glad these things were invented....


Mama Bean said...

Isn't is funny that over the past 10 years cell phones have become an extra appendage. I die without mine, or if I am somewhere and the battery......DIES!!!! I feel panic and anxiety.

Stacey and Tony said...

They're just so darned convienent! Like walky-talkies, but better! At least you didn't leave your phone in the washer again.