Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The nutcracker

Ali was in this year's production of the Nutcracker ballet of Lake Arrowhead School of Dance. I loved it. I loved helping the little girls dress in the back, I loved putting make up on my six year old, I loved her wearing a little leotard and sweats to keep warm just like a real ballerina, I loved talking with the other moms backstage and I absolutely loved watching the show Friday night and seeing my little girl complete her parts perfectly. She was a gingerbread and then later a lady bug. On Friday night Cameron, Ashling, Sue, Mike, Torrey and Ali were all able to go and see her perform. I never knew what all the obsession was with the nutcracker but after a week of being immersed in it I love it! Ashling was also very cute all night. She enjoyed watching the dancers, was dressed really cute in her red velvet Christmas dress and then she fell asleep in daddy's arms while watching. I thought my little girls were the cutest there and was very proud of both of them. It's moments like this when I love being a mom!


Stacey and Tony said...

Ali looks so cute! Does she get to keep the costumes?

Cameron/Melissa said...

No the costumes are borrowed and they use them every year. She only got to wear them five minutes before she performed and then took them off right after she performed. Thus she would not ruin the costumes or hurt the life of the costume.

Mama Bean said...

Bummer that she can't keep the costume, they are ADORABLE!!! But, it saves you money not having to buy them.