Saturday, December 13, 2008

We went to Disneyland one last time before our passes expire on Friday evening. We met our friends, the Holmes, there and enjoyed their company more than the rides. It was very crowded with thousands of others who wanted to use their pass one last time before the holidays. None the less it was fun. We tried a few new things, the Golden Horseshoe restaurant and watching Fantasmic, and of course went on some of our favorites, Thunder mountain and Splash Mountain for Cam and kids, and winnie the pooh, haunted mansion, pirates, the jungle cruise and its a small world for the rest of us. Ashling and I even made it on the rockets which is still her favorite ride. It snowed a little at Disneyland (bubbles) and was fairly cold. The funniest thing was that Ali and Ashling bought roses that glow up with their dimes from Grandma Sue. (50 dimes each that had to be counted out one by one.) We got home very late at night and everyone slept in for a long time in the morning. We didn't even have breakfast until after 10:00.

Later Ali and I worked on her Christmas tree decorating project. (The teacher likes to send home projects for the family to work on together-like we don't have enough to do already.) It was fun to help her on the project though and her tree looks awesome. Hopefully this time the kids will clap for hers because last time only one person clapped (and I didn't help at all that time.)

Then the girls left for an afternoon with Grandma Sue and Papa. This was wonderful. It wasn't that we did anything particularly fun but it was nice to have the house to ourselves and for Ali and Ashling to have the special attention. Most of the grandkids went to paint pottery at a ceramics store for their Christmas present. They loved it once again and are already talking about what they will do for next year.

While they were gone we finally rearranged the playroom/guest room and made a third use for it as the baby's room. The crib is set up, there are sheets on the bed, curtains on the window and the girls added stuffed animals so she would be happy. I am feeling a little more ready for the baby to come now although I have a list of 20 things I need to buy still.

The most important thing about today is that it is snowing right now. The ground is white and covered and the girls were very excited. All the way up the mountain Ali was checking the temperature gage on Grandma Sue's car and waiting for it to hit 32 degrees when it would be snow instead of rain. As it started to snow the girls kept opening and closing the slider (Cameron kept telling them to go look,) and checking to see if it was covering the ground yet. We love the snow and we are hoping for a very snowy week. Hopefully later this week I will be posting lots of pictures of girls sledding in feet of snow. Now Cameron is out walking in the snow with Sierra and I am content to sit by the fire and wait... for Cameron to come home and for Christmas and for a little girl to arrive....


Mama Bean said...

Hey, we are here also!!! Yeah for Disneyland.