Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Our family is in a pattern of patience and waiting. First of all we are waiting for snow. We want snow, we dream of snow, we look anxiously at the National Weather Service page dreaming of snow. Snow is our life. Last night we discussed a possible upcoming storm for the weekend. At first we wanted 3-5 feet of snow. (Not that unusual for the mountains but we are still dreaming pretty big.) Then that turned into 15 feet. Then the girls could jump off the upper deck into the snow and Daddy would make a slide of snow. Also Cameron would be bringing the snowblower through the house to shovel the snow off the deck. We would have to get firewood from the covered front porch and we would not be going anywhere for a very long time. Still okay with us. The girls then contemplated what a 100 feet of snow would look like, but Cameron and I decided that was a little much for us.

Our ski resort is waiting for snow too. And cold enough weather to even blow snow.... Cameron is waiting to ski and Ali really wants to ski too. We have the skis in the garage and the girls want to learn more. The snow mittens, pants and hats are waiting in the closet. Please, Please, Please let it snow this weekend. I want tons of white, fluffy stuff that covers everything and makes it so we can't go anywhere.

We are also waiting for the pants fairy to come. The kids have worn out all the pants I bought at the beginning of the school year. They were supposed to last all year so I am waiting for the pants fairy to replace them. Until then poor Ali is going to 1st grade with holey jeans. Hey they are all the rage right now anyways right?

And of course we are waiting for our baby to come. . . . and Christmas too. Although we are really excited for things in that order. Even the kids are having to have patience more for snow and the baby coming than Christmas.

So I will keep you waiting for posts of the nutcracker and Ali and of our trip to see Santa Claus this weekend.