Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ashling's 5th birthday party

I invited 5 little girls over to our house for a princess tea party to enjoy Ashling's 5th birthday. They were instructed to wear a princess dress and shoes. They showed up wearing boots and had to change into their princess shoes because it was snowing but at least the snow was not too bad yet.

This is the cake I made. It is leaning a little and not perfect but she loved it and that is all that matters. Sometimes I will have to take lessons so I can get better. This is the tea party food.

This is our Beaty and Beast Area with our own Rose that is losing some petals.

These are the castle walls to help the girls feel as if they were in a castle.

This is the part of Snow White I read to them before they asked the magic mirror on our wall who the fairest one of all was.

Here are 3 of the little girls who came to the party. One is not here yet and another couldn't make it.

We played freeze dance with princess songs.

Here they are asking the Magic Mirror questions. The funny thing is that this mirror answered their questions. (I let Ali stay home today to help with the party.)

Here they are using really china and having a little tea party. They behaved like perfect princesses and I called them miss and pretended to be the maid.

After the tea party I put sparkles on their faces, we played a couple games and then we made magic play dough. We put glitter in the dough and made it sparkle and then played with play dough.

Ashling couldn't wait to open her presents and was very excited when it was finally time.

Emily gave Ashling sparkling shoes that are pink.

Emily is a year younger than Ashling but they are best friends. I wish we could smuggle Emily into Kindergarten but I think her size would give her away.

Chloe gave Ashling a fur real puppy. My dog didn't know if it was real or not and kept sniffing it for about 5 minutes before she decided it was a toy.

Illeana gave Ashling art supplies and a hello kitty bag to put them in.

Hanna gave Ashling Pez princesses.
Then we had birthday cake.

I loved the party and can't believe my little girl is 5.
Later we went down the hill for dinner at Red Robin. The kids love it there. They served her ice cream sunday with a balloon on a spoon. Her eyes were so wide and her grin was so big. She ate until her tummy hurt all with that spoon on the balloon. We then came home in a snow storm and opened presents before she headed off to bed wearing her new Ariel pj's.
As she was climbing into her bunk bed she begged me to take her to the office of the elementary school and see if they would let her come to Kindergarten now that she is 5. She really doesn't want to wait until August. Maybe I will take her in the morning so she will believe me.


Joni said...

What a fun party!! I love the cake!