Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Break

If you will remember last year I went to my sister's house in Phoenix for Spring Break. It was a great idea and I decided that I would do it for every spring break. I left my house on Monday morning in a snow storm. I dodged large basketball sized rocks rolling down the highway and braved winds and rain in order to get to the desert. By the time I arrived in Palm Springs it was sunny. I told Ali she was in charge of entertainment and offered her 10 dollars if she did a good job. The kids were all happy in the back seat.

At my sister's we went on bike rides, I went running, we went to the park, we went shopping and we watched movies and t.v. It was fun and relaxing. It was still a little chilly for the pool and the girls only swam in it twice. But we went to a splash park near their house and the girls loved that. We finished our trip by visiting the world wildlife zoo. You can see the pictures and read about it on my sister's blog.

I know her bathing suit is too small and sometime soon I will buy one that is actually modest but for now this is what I have.

I also had to visit Firestone. While I was driving my car started making a weird noise coming from the tires. It ended up that one of my wheels was cracked. The firestone guys said they had never seen that happen before and had no clue how it had happened.
I had to call all around and find someone who could get me a matching wheel. (I didn't want to pay full price for a brand new one. Finally I found a guy who said, "send me a picture and I will get the right wheel for you." I don't know what method he used but by the afternoon he had the right wheel. It was in a bad part of town so Tony met me and we bought the wheel. Then I went to Firestone where they put my tire on the new wheel and installed it. I was grateful that it was a 150 dollars instead of 500 I thought it might be if it was bearings.