Friday, April 2, 2010


The other night Ali had nothing to read. And she wanted to read because they are doing a monthly read-a-thon and she wanted the prize. She wanted to read Twilight. I said, "no." I think she needs to be much older for that even if all the other kids watched the movie and she is pretending to be Bella at school. So I suggested Harry Potter. I insisted it is grown-up and very good. She was not convinced and didn't want to do it. I finally insisted that she at least let me read the first chapter to her.

We cuddled up in her giant queen bed and read the first chapter. And I saw a light inside her mind click on. It has been a struggle to get her to read long books. She says she doesn't like to. She says it isn't fun. But I know it is and I am trying to convince her. I finished chapter one and kissed her good night. At night she has to be in bed but I allow her to read as long as she wants to. She read the first four chapters that night and finished the whole book within a week. Now she is on Year 2.

I read her a little each night but she reads most of it. She wears her own sorting hat pulled far down over her head while I read to her. That way she can see the pictures. I love Harry Potter. I love the pictures I see in my mind when I read it. I love the story and the make believe world they create that parallels our own. I love how it inspires kids to read everywhere. But most of all I love that Ali is loving reading it.


Stacey and Tony said...

soon I will be able to buy books, read them first, and then give them to Ali for her birthday too.

Shar said...

this is so awesome! there are so many books that i'm excited for kapria to eventually read. and yes, hopefully one day some of them are mine :) though i won't expect riches...that only happens to a few lucky writers.
and yes - we'd love to visit you!