Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Hike

We decided to go on a hike to Ashling Creek after church on Sunday. The weather was beautiful and the snow that is in to extended forecast convinced me that even an afternoon nap would not be nicer. Ashling Creek is a spot that we always go to and it is not named on a map so we named it after Ashling who hiked there when she was barely 3.

We let Annika start out walking to get rid of some energy where the road was nice and flat.
When Annika saw Grandma Sue she ran straight toward her with a smile on her face and wanted to be picked up. It made Grandma Sue's day!
There were creeks everywhere! I couldn't believe all the flowing water. Last year there were only a couple of streams.
The end of the hike was all on snow. We hiked on top of about 5 feet of snow which is a ton to still be left in the San Bernardino Mountains for this time of the year.
Here is a picture of Pa Pa and Ashling Creek.
The girls and Pa Pa.
Annika really, really wanted to get in the water but mean old Daddy wouldn't let her.
Pa Pa let the kids climb up the hill a little bit.

Family photo Opp.
We hiked a little bit from the creek and sat down to eat some chocolate that Grandma brought. Afterwards everyone walked around and soon it turned into a snow ball fight. Annika thought that was the best idea and loved picking up the snow and throwing it. (She didn't manage to hit anyone though.)

Another reason we like the hike to Ashling Creek is that there are very deep canyons without anyone below. Cameron loves to roll rocks right off the edge. With his dad there I didn't have to wonder too hard as to where he got the idea since Mike rolled just as many rocks off as Cameron did.
The best part of rolling rocks over the edge is that our dog loves to chase these rocks straight down the hill. She takes amazing leaps and bounds down steep hills and chases the rocks. She usually never brings anything back but this time she dragged a huge rock back up the hill for us. She gets her exercise this way and got pretty tired chasing rocks.

I am glad that springs is coming and that we will be able to hike more this summer.