Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial Weekend

We went to Phoenix for Memorial Weekend to see Stacey and Tony. Cameron was not excited to make this trip. It isn't that he doesn't like Stacey and Tony but it is that he does not appreciate the extreme heat. He also wanted to go camping and hiking which he didn't imagine us doing in the hot phoenix heat. But of course since I am his wife and I have not seen my sister for two and half months I won.

Well I don't know what your weather was like on the Friday before Memorial day but ours in Running Springs was terrible. It was snowing and raining and very very cold. I was very glad to be going somewhere that was much warmer. As I drove down the mountain to meet Cameron in the middle of the afternoon it was foggy to the point of no visibility, it was snowing and sticking to the roads and I had the heater on full blast. But still I imagined it would be hot in Phoenix.

We drove through an amazing thunderstorm with great downpour. But because we were in the trusty subaru we still drove as fast as we wanted. I should have known something was up when I got to Blythe because it was freezing cold in the Carl's Junior play area. I have never ate food inside and been so cold before. (They don't have an off button for their air conditioner in the months of April through October. It has never been needed before.) It was also still raining.

We got to Stacey's house and enjoyed seeing all the work they have already put in to making their house a home. Hopefully they will put some pictures up soon on their blog of all the furniture and great finds they have found and remade.

On Saturday it was still cool in Phoenix. We went hiking in downtown phoenix area and were quite comfortable. It was an enjoyable hike. Here are a few pictures:

Sunday we went to church. A lady spoke about how her grandmother and grandfather had been called on a mission when they were in their twenties and had to leave at home three kids we were under five. I can't imagine how hard that would be. It was amazing what some people are asked to do.

We then took a drive up through Sedona. It was fun and still cold. We saw some ancient ruins and enjoyed talking with each other as we drove.

Monday we spent swimming although it was really still too cold to swim. I guess Cameron got his wish for a nice cool weekend. And we did sleep on air mattresses so it was just like camping.

Our drive home was kind of eventful. While driving we heard a loud noise and we couldn't decide what it was. A few miles further down the road and Cameron decided it was a flat tire. We stopped and Cameron changed to the spare which was only a small one and not big enough to get us home. It was after five on a holiday and I was quite concerned about what we would do although not panicky. I finally called a tire store that was open and five miles down the road we were in Blythe. We pulled in to the tire store and had a new tire on in less than ten minutes. What a blessing it was to have the tire store open for us! I felt very blessed that this did not turn in to a big deal.

We ended up home a little later but it was a great vacation and we loved it.

Monday it warmed up a little and we went swimming


Stacey and Tony said...

I like that my family can visit so easily. And we were totally lucky to have a cool weekend! It will probably be October before that happens again.

Stacey and Tony said...

I like that my family can visit so easily. And we were totally lucky to have a cool weekend! It will probably be October before that happens again.