Monday, May 5, 2008

Feliz Cinco De Mayo

So Happy Cinco De Mayo. We had a get together yesterday to celebrate Cinco De Mayo the American way. It was great. We invited four families and they all came to celebrate the Mexican holiday which to us just meant eat good food and hang out. I made sweet pork with a Cafe Rio recipe, lime and cilantro rice (also Cafe Rio,) and mexican pinto beans. Another girl brought salsa. But none of it was spicy. We had a burrito and taco bar and everyone seemed very full when they left. It was all really good and we have decided to try and invite people over more often. It was fun. But it felt more like the 5th of March instead of May. It was very cold. The flat landers were very surprised by the weather even after they had been warned.

The kids were able to play on our new rope swing. Cameron made it on Saturday and when I have more time I will get pictures and post them of it. I love the new swing and Ali is playing on it now.

Today I met the girls in town at a Mexican restaurant for lunch. The conversations were too interesting to post and it was great fun. The only weird part is that one of the girls never showed up. What happened to her? That is the mystery. So anyways I hope the rest of you had a good Cinco De Mayo day.