Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The joke is on me

As many of you know there has been an on-going fire in the LA area. While it isn't near us this I am concerned that there are fires so soon in the year. Also there have been two small brush fires in our own mountains this weekend. So I am a little on edge about fires. (I really don't want any more fires to burn down what is left of our beautiful mountains.)

This morning I heard three different sets of sirens go by in a matter of five minutes. It was a beautiful sunny day and I felt like it was going to be very warm later. I was on the phone with Chalon and said that I hoped it wasn't a fire. I looked off my back deck and there seemed to be smoke pouring through the canyon at a very fast pace. So I panicked! I assumed it was smoke and it seemed near Ali's school so I decided to go see where it was and get her if it was close. I was very panicked. After all I had heard the sirens go by so it must be a fire. I couldn't believe how much smoke was there. This was more smoke than I had seen in the fire in October and it seemed to be moving quickly.

So anyways I drove in to town and what did I find- fog. It was foggy in Running Springs and the fog was pouring through the canyon not the smoke. Ha ha ha. The joke is on me. It still looks like smoke to me because it is mixed with all the smoke from the fire near LA. So I thought you might like a good laugh at my expense. I guess the lesson here is that smoke smells like smoke. So next time I will smell for smoke too.


Stacey and Tony said...

Ha, ha, I did get a laugh at that. =)

Shar said...

This was awesome -thanks for posting about it! I am sure I would have panicked too. I'm glad you reminded us to use ALL our senses (mommy sense counts as one of them too!) :)