Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's Hot

It is too hot here. It is not supposed to be hot here. We live in the mountains for a very specific reason and that reason is that I can not handle the heat. I like sleeping with the house under sixty degrees and I like having to wear sweatshirts in the summer. But sometimes we have hot spells and we are having quite a spell right now!

When I was a little girl my dad took me hunting near the Mexican border and I got heat exhaustion so bad that I couldn't walk anymore. My dad had to leave me under a bush and hike to get the truck because I was so sick. I have continued to get heat exhaustion each time it is too hot and I try to do anything. So the reason my house is a mess today is because it was too hot and I didn't want to get heat exhaustion. Right?

I have decided we need a room air conditioner. Today! I tried to get Cameron to stop and buy me one but he claimed his evening was too busy and he couldn't. This is not what you say to a pregnant woman who had a headache and feels sick to her stomach because of the heat. Today it was 85 degrees in my house! Don't you think that is a little too hot? Anyways I know that it isn't as hot as Phoenix but we don't have a pool or air conditioning so perhaps it feels warmer. If anyone happens to have an air conditioner for a window that they no longer need please let me know! In the mean time I will call Cameron every day at work around 3:00 and beg for relief!


Barbara said...

I feel it is time for you to get an air conditioner. Sounds miserable.
Doheny Beach Between PCH & Dana Harbor Drive. We will meet you there Saturday around 2. Cant wait to see you!