Friday, October 24, 2008


My car is in the shop. Yesterday I borrowed Cameron's mom's car that is not a stick and she took Cameron's that is a stick. Cameron carpooled with someone to work. (Either we are environmentally friendly and do care about global warming.... or we just like to spend our money on something other than gas- you decide.) I do not drive a stick and refuse to learn. I think that you are supposed to learn that when you are a teenager and are driving a beater but our beater was an automatic. I had a million errands to run down the hill and needed a car that was easy to drive and she obliged me with her automatic.

My car is still in the shop and although we have a rental it made more sense for Cameron to drive that to work so that if the car is done he can take the rental back and get my car on the way home. I looked a little silly and was embarrassed when people asked why I was driving Sue's car and so I decided to be brave and drive the stick today. Last night I drove it to the school parking lot and practiced going up the hill. It was a lot of stopping, screeching of tires and stalled engines but after about twelve tries up the hill I think I have the idea down basically. So today I am driving a stick where ever I need to go but I still do not like it....


Shar said...

I feel your pain. I cried when my dad made me learn. I would probably sob if I had to learn now as a mom. I got stuck at one light through THREE greens. The people behind me hated me, and I cried the whole time. My dad told me later that 1st and 3rd on the scirocco (the car he let us use) were hard to differentiate sometimes. yeah, tell me about it.

you are brave and I admire you for learning something new!

Stacey and Tony said...

Other than once or twice on a dirt road with Dad, I learned to drive a stick when I was a nanny. My boss at the time wanted the car I usually drove, and he didn't want me to drive his Audi, so he borrowed his girlfriend's manual car for me. I was living in Park City then, which is full of hills. Not fun, but once you get the hang of it, it's not so bad. Just remember when you go back to your automatic, that you don't have a clutch anymore, or you end up pounding the brake.