Saturday, October 4, 2008


It's who I am...

I am... Melissa
I not be pregnant
I Have.... two beautiful little girls and one more on the way!
I Wish..... for cold weather, a fire in the wood stove and snow.
I Hate... doing laundry
I Fear... not having enough food storage and then really needing it.
I Hear.... Cameron cutting up fire wood and the girls playing outside.
I Search... for my children's shoes. How hard can it really be to put them where they go?
I Always... read.... and want to know what else is good to read.
I Usually... make a dinner from scratch every night.
I Am Not... organized enough.
I miss... my mom and sister. They never visit! (Maybe I could guilt them into a visit?)
I love... Cameron
I Never.... get enough vacations
I Rarely... get all the laundry done.
I Cry... when I am upset. Even when I really don't want to cry.
I am Not Always... patient with my girls.
I Lose... whatever paper I really need at that time.
I'm Confused... by Cameron's engineering problems that he reads to me while studying for the P.E.
I Need... more time in a day and to not be so tired.
I Should... make lunch
I Dream... about going to Hawaii and swimming all day (snorkeling, boogie boarding, getting up on a surf board, swimming in a pond near a waterfall, kayaking, maybe parasailing....)

I tag Stacey, Ina, Nicole, and Sharlene.


Stacey and Tony said...

Ok, I added my "tag" to my blog. I was bored any way.

Nicole said...

Okay I LOVE this. I think it's one of the cooler tags. So thanks. It was fun to read your answers and to realize we are VERY similar! haha.
I'll be doing it soon!!!
Love ya!

Melissa Garn said...

Cute tag! I enjoyed reading your answers