Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today I stayed home all day. I didn't go anywhere nor do I have intentions of leaving the house. (I had a friend who picked up Ali and brought her home because I was tending her two year old.) I stayed in my pj's and didn't get Ashling dressed or do her hair. Instead I worked on cleaning. I vacuumed the floors and cleaned all the dishes that were left over from yesterday. Then I mopped the kitchen floor by hand and cleaned the faces of all the lower cupboards in my kitchen. I believe strongly in mopping the floor by hand because you can get it much cleaner that way as opposed to mopping with a mop. After all the hard work I ate lunch and took a nap/read while the girls took their nap. Later I fixed Ashling's Ariel costume that was too long. I loved staying home today and will try to plan more days where we do nothing. Now I am going to make meatloaf with oatmeal in it. It is supposed to make it much healthier with all the added fiber. We'll see how it goes.

In other news: my baby is fine. I went to the doctor yesterday and it seems like everything is going well. She is not nearly as big as Ashling which I am very grateful for. We are pretty sure we are going to name her Annika and give her a nickname of Anni. I am grateful this pregnancy seems to be going as well as the other pregnancies. Maybe someday I will post a pregnancy picture but first I have to look good and have Cameron home to take a picture so we will see if that ever happens.


Mama Bean said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!! If you aren't going anywhere, what is the point of dirtying up clothes anyway? Less laundry and less work overall in the long run.

Nicole said...

I need to be more like you some days!! Sounds like a fun day!
And i LOVE the name. Really cute, and in keeping with the A's. I've heard it pronounced two different ways:

A as in apple or annie
and A as in all or awesome.

which way???!!!
love ya!

Ina said...

How did your meatloaf turn out? I always make mine with oatmeal.

Cameron/Melissa said...

Annika is will an A as in Apple or Annie.

Meatloaf turned out good although Ali complained that it was weird. But I am going to keep making it that way. It uses up food storage(oatmeal doesn't last forever.) and is healthier than bread.