Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I just paid 1.80 per gallon for gas at the pump. Since this is also a blog for posterity I just thought that I had to post that. The last time gas was that cheap was in 2005 from my understanding. And I haven't got to pay less than 2.00 for gas until today. Last week I was smiling for paying 2.19 at the pump! I love the falling gas prices! I remember paying 4.75 and 4.80 for gas only a few months ago. I am sure happy that we don't have to spend that much anymore and I hope it stays this way forever. Yea for gas prices!

In other news I went to Costco today. And Stater Brother's yesterday. Their food prices have not fallen at all despite the nose diving gas prices. Isn't that why food prices went up? Because gas prices went up? And now I expect them to fall too. (Hey we can hope for anything we want right? I wished for 1.00 gas prices this summer and they are getting closer every day!)

I have decided this was my last grocery shopping trip of this pregnancy. I have food storage. And a husband. And no more energy to fight the massive crowds of the holidays with a big tummy that takes up twice as much room with half the space available for walking. I waited in line for 20 minutes just to pay for my food. I forgot where I was parked at Costco and had to push a full shopping cart up and down three aisles that were not close to each other before my car found me. Then I sat in traffic for half an hour because the on-ramp to the freeway was closed.

So my family will be eating wheat (without a grinder), oatmeal, cake, prime rib, applesauce, various canned food and powdered milk for Christmas dinner. Unless someone else takes pity on my and goes to the grocery store for me. Because I am done grocery shopping until this baby comes out!


Mama Bean said...

You deserve the brake. All that caos will make you go into labor....though not a bad thing but still a little early. Beside then you can see how creative you can get with food storage. If you need any recipes, I have some great ones for food storage!!

Barbara said...

You are more then welcome to come to my house for thanksgiving, along with your mom and sister. I will even do all the shopping, cooking, and cleaning. I know you dont want to fight the traffic. I just thought I would give it a shot.

Ina said...

When I was prgnant with Gideon one of the ways I counted down to the due date was how many more time I had to go grocery shopping befor d-day.