Saturday, November 22, 2008

My great husband

Today Cameron has really reminded me of the many reasons why I married him. I have not been the greatest wife in the world since pregnancy has made me tired and a little bit lazy. Now that it is getting time to get ready for the baby and time for the holidays I have also become quite insistent on certain chores being done around the house. I know that is not what my husband wants to do but he has been a really good sport today and helped out so much around the house. And I am really grateful for that.

First he made me breakfast while I took a relaxing shower with no kids opening the door every three minutes. He always makes breakfast for us on Saturday mornings and I love it. It is a great tradition and one that he has kept ever since we were first married. I love the smell of french toast, family pancakes, waffles or eggs and bacon that he always prepares usually while I am still relaxing in bed. Isn't he the best?

Then while I took Ali to a nutcracker practice he worked on cleaning the carpets that I have insisted need to be done before the baby is born and preferably before the Christmas tree is put up. This is not an easy task and he probably spent about six hours getting them all done. He also went to help another family in the ward move in and even took Ashling with him.

Cameron came and watched Ali's soccer game, held her while she cried when the ball hit her and played all sorts of games with Ashling to entertain her. Later he came to the end of the year party for Ali's team, (even though he really didn't want to,) and moved our trailer to a friend's house so it wouldn't be in the way on our driveway. He also filled our gas cans so that he can cut down some dead trees in our yard and have gas for the snow blower for winter. He passed around fliers to snow blow our neighbors driveways this winter for a little extra cash for the family and now he went with his dad to help him clean the church.

I am grateful I married such an amazing man who is always willing to spend his time helping our family out. He goes to work for us each and every day and hardly ever complains when there isn't even an extra dime from his paycheck to do what he wants with it. He takes care of us all and I really appreciate it.

I am grateful