Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Annika is 2 months old!

Annika is now two months old. Where did time go? She is getting really fun. When she is awake and not nursing she loves to coo and smile. She smiles when I pick her up and when she wants to be picked up she arches her back and tries to get me to pick her up. She is getting a little less fussy in the evenings and dealing with tummy gas a little better. She finally likes her swing and stays in that while I am making dinner. I danced with her the other night and she loves the beat of the music. She also likes going on walks and looking at the outside world now that it is a little warmer. I will have to post how much she weighs after we go to the doctor next week. But she is growing out of lots of 0-3 month clothes. The 3-6 are still pretty big though. I think she has long legs for a baby because she is growing out of the pants first and the onsies still fit just fine.


Mama Bean said...

She is SO CUTE!!!!

Shar said...

I was thinking she looks really tall! Now you're making me excited for the coming months :) She is adorable.