Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ding Dong Ditch baby shower

Today I heard a knock at my door and went to answer it. On my doorstep were 7 bags full of gifts for Annika. I did not have a big ward baby shower. One friend threw me a little shower during the day when plenty of people were at work. Another friend met me for a surprise shower. My sister and mom gave us our own shower full of presents. My sister-in-laws offered to throw me another shower but I wasn't sure who would still want to come. So they threw a little family shower. Without a formal shower I didn't think most people would feel any need to give Annika something. But many people have brought presents by to give to me through the couple months of Annika's life. Each time I think there is something I will need to buy for her another sister from my ward drops by with a present that fits that need.

I wouldn't have thought there was a single person from our ward left who had not given us a present. But to my amazement I now have a bunch of very cute spring outfits for Annika when she is 6-9 months old. (I didn't have any summer clothes for her because the girls were that age in the middle of winter.) Thanks to the sweet sisters in my ward who have been so thoughtful and even when there wasn't a shower to attend they have helped keep our little baby dressed so well. I guess this is one way that Heavenly Father provides for us through my kind ward sisters. I will be featuring her outfits on the blog when she is big enough to wear them. (Which may not be very long at the rate she is growing.)