Monday, March 2, 2009

Friday night ski

Cameron had his first day off on Friday. I was a little upset because it came even earlier than it was supposed to. But it was a wonderful day. He took Ali to school, watched Ashling while I went to the doctor, gave the dog a bath, and vacuumed the house. Then we all headed up to Snow Valley for Ali's lesson and Friday skiing. I love having ski passes and going skiing at will.

There were several friends in the lobby waiting for their kids who volunteered to watch Annika so we all could ski. Chalon came up with her girls and I spent most of my time skiing with Denali and Torrey. Cameron taught Ashling another lesson. Finally she learned to ski on her own. She is like a little torpedo and you better watch out for her! She loves the speed but we wish she would be hesitant and slow like most beginning skiiers. But no she craves speed.

We brought a crock pot of queso dip and chips and shared with everyone. It was a great dinner! The kids had fun skiing together and I loved having Cameron home on a Friday. I won't be ready for him to start working Fridays if the economy ever improves!