Monday, March 2, 2009

A ski date

It has been a long time... much longer than six weeks since we have been together without at least one child around. In fact if you want to get technical it has been a full year. In celebration of Annika's six week birthday we decided to go on a ski date. We have tried to resolve ourselves to dating more often... at least every two or three weeks- but the dates have got to be cheaper. We can not often afford the typical going out to dinner even sans movie.

Anyways I dropped the children off at Grandma and Papa's house. None of them seemed to mind at all - even little Annika. She had a bottle of my milk and so she was set. I drove quickly up to Snow Valley and met Cameron (he was doing his Host at Snow Valley Day.)

Then we load on the chair 1 or my least favorite lift in the whole world. It is not high speed detachable and since it is the main Snow Valley lift it is very fast.... it hits you in the knees and you fall to a sitting position. When you get off you better be skiing fast or else... Cameron taught me quite a bit about skiing and I learned at leat 1/4 of it. I had my best ski day ever and enjoyed the feel of the breeze, speed and no one demanding my attention except my sweet husband. I also enjoyed my new skis which are very nice and were given to me by a friend. We enjoyed talking without interuptions and without distraction. We ate our lunch on the top of the world. Or at least the top of Snow Valley. We could see at the mountains around and discussed possible hikes for the summer. Finally it was time to go home and he walked me to my car (he still had to finish his host day,) and kissed me good bye.

I really enjoyed our date and the best part was that it was 100% free!


Mama Bean said...

Oh dates!!! You almost forget how enjoyable they are until you go on one. Then you want one every day almost.