Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A quick trip

We went on a quick trip this weekend to St. George this weekend. It was Cameron's grandma's 80th birthday. By quick I mean we left after work on Friday not arriving until 1 in the morning. Then we left Sunday soon after waking up. But Saturday was a fun day.

We tried to visit Snow Canyon in the morning. We didn't know there was a race though and the runners came down the canyon and crossed the road right in front of us... so we were not allowed in the canyon. Cameron loudly proclaimed that runners sure do not think of the environment- they leave their water glasses everywhere. We instead went on a fun hike just outside the canyon to another beautiful canyon.

We then met the other Brown's at a park after stopping at Cafe Rio for lunch. (We Californians have to travel to Utah and then get Americanized-Mexican food because our Mexican food is too authentic.) We enjoyed catching up and playing at the park. Cameron, Ali and Ashling went swimming at the hotel, but I was not prepared with my bathing suit so I got a little shopping done with Annika.

Then we met for the big party. We took pictures-we always take pictures of everything, we ate dinner, we enjoyed a slide show about grandma Moore and learned some things that no one seemed to know about her. We also visited. It was fun but much too short. I would have liked a lot longer to enjoy each other. In the morning we returned home early hoping to somehow avoid the vegas traffic.

PS pics are courtesy of Cam's cousin, Lynn. She took over when I realized my camera batteries were dead.