Sunday, March 8, 2009

Signs of the times or The Stake Sweet Heart Dance

During these troubling economic times we have to get more creative with our date nights. I was please that the Stake deemed it necessary to provide us with a free activity to strengthen our marriage this weekend. We had a Stake Sweetheart dance. It was a much bigger deal this year than it has been any other year. In the past I can't even remember when it was but this year we were given invitations and asked to RSVP. The invitations were beautiful and the menu looked exciting plus it was a free evening without kids. Cam's parents said they would baby sit adding to the free aspect!

408 people RSVP'd to the dance! It was the best attended Stake event to date. I wonder if Stake Conference ever gets those numbers? It was highly appreciated by all as they had a free evening away from the kids and time to socialize with spouse and friends.

When we arrived they had little snacks in the court yard while everyone was arriving. We mingled and then were asked to get in groups of 10 and only have two couples from each ward in a group. Thank goodness for us we are only a branch and thus we were very sure the rule did not apply to us. we sad with other members of our own branch.

The young men and young women served all dressed up as waiters. The entire gym was decorated as nicely as any wedding with chair covers and round tables with table clothes. They had the lights dimmed and only some white lights and torch lights along the walls for light. We had saled on the table served in little chinese boxes with chop sticks. Then they served chicken cordon blue that was brought to each table. (No big lines to wait in for this church activity!)

The program was wonderful with a good singer from the stake, a skit of famous couples from the past, a movie of couples courtships that seemed almost professionally done and then dancing. I thought it was a great program and I post about it here in case anyone else needs a good idea for a Stake activity.

I really enjoyed spending the evening with Cameron and dancing with him. I realized that wearing heels I actually look him straight in the eyes. I also enjoyed getting to know the members of our branch a little better.


Shar said...

this sounds like so much fun! I want our stake to throw us a fun date night now :)

Jesse said...

Wow. What a fun night. And free? That is the best!