Thursday, April 23, 2009

By the sweat of my brow...

I have not always done yard work and I am still very bad at it. But the last couple days I have at least ventured into our yard with the intent to improve it. How could I not want to be outside when it has been so beautiful?

Our yard is HUGE. I am not kidding. We have a normal size backyard all on one side of our house and then a regular backyard and another side yard. Our front yard is pretty small but still has plants in it. We have to do the normal pine needle raking clean up before the 1st of June. That involves tons of trashcans full of the pine needles that need to be raked and then put into trash cans. Cameron has done most of that... I just swept the small concrete patio.

Today I planted some lilies into pots to put on our deck. And I finally bought a plant that is supposed to be in the shade and it flowers too. Trust me it is hard to find the right kind of plant. But I have one to sit on my front porch and make it beautiful... I also started digging the dirt out for our new garden spot. My back aches and my arms are tired and there is still a lot more dirt to move before we are ready. But hey... I tried.


Ina said...

Shiloh and i walk around our yard last night and talked about what needed to be done. Does that count as yard work?