Sunday, January 17, 2010

Annika at 12 months

Annika is an active 12 month old. She is very happy most of the time. She loves to play with her toys and will spend time with each one during the day. She loves books especially with dogs in them. She talks about each page and enjoys turning the page. She likes her play pen and will ask to go in there to play with the special toys we keep in there. When she is tired she will want to get out but she will play quietly for 1/2 hour or 45 minutes.
She loves to climb the stairs and go back down them. She is totally capable of going down them and does so quickly. She loves to go downstairs when her sisters are down there and attack the barbie house. She rearranges everything similar to what a hurricane would do. In fact they call her Hurricane Annika.
She is beginning to realize that there is an outdoor world and wishes she could spend more time out in it. Our yard is not kid friendly and it is too cold anyways. She loves her daddy and he will take her outside at the most crazy times. (Like when it is raining or snowing and she has barefeet and a tee-shirt on.) But she doesn't mind and just cuddles up next to daddy and looks at the tall, tall trees.
Annika says a feet words, she says ma ma, da da, dog, diaper, ba ba, Ahhh iii. I bet she will be learning lots of new things in the next month as she makes lots of other sounds.
She is on the verge of walking. She has taken steps and is standing up on her own. She tries to walk and has fallen a lot. She loves to give kisses and will give anyone I ask her to a kiss. She loves to point at things like the pictures on the wall. She laughs at things she thinks are silly and tries to get her sisters to laugh with her.
She likes to go places and see new things but would appreciate being back in time for nap and bedtime as she still only likes her bed to sleep in. She has transitioned over to taking only one nap a day and it has been a little difficult to stetch it out into a long enough nap.
We love Annika and are happy to have her in our home. She is a joy to each one of us and we can't imagine life without her.


Shar said...

I can't believe she's one already! She is so cute and SO busy! I love seeing yours girls. Maybe one of these days we'll live close enough to visit. :)

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Annika! She is so adorable. year sure flies by! Love her darling outfit. Such a doll!