Friday, January 15, 2010

My favorite Toy

I thought I should show Annika with her puppy. She loves all dogs and for Christmas the girls gave her this little dog. It is some sort of Vtech toy and I think it is very cool It has a bone that works like a simple remote control. It dances, sings, talks about its body parts and will follow you if you hold its bone. The bone will also make the thing sing and dance. When she touches a part of the dog then it says what that part is called. We keep the dog in our kitchen where the floor is right. Annika spend more time with it than almost any other toy and the girls are very excited to play with it too. I like that while I am cooking dinner or doing the dishes she is occupied and where I can see her. (I also think that Rice O roni will keep an 11 month old occupied for forever. But when she was tired of that she went right back to the toy.)

I recommend this as a must have for any child ages 1-2 years old. I managed to find it at Walmart. I NEVER shop there but this time I am glad I decided to branch out in search of new quality toys for Annika.