Thursday, March 1, 2012

fiery furnace Thanksgiving

 On our way up to St George for Thanksgiving we decided to make a detour stop.  We drove off the road towards fiery furnace which we have always wanted to see as we have driven by.  It was quite a place and I wish we had more time to stop and see it.  We decided on a pretty quick loop through a slot canyon that would take about a half hour.  I think it was supposed to be 1.5 miles.

 Right away we made a mistake and ended up going down this wall instead of staying on the trail.  We thought the trail went down but that is what we get for thinking.  In reality it went up.  Then bottom of the canyon had sand and some foot prints so we continued to head down.
 There were slots although the walls were not very tall so we figured we were going the right way.

 The girls loved how we had to climb around and fit between small spaces but I wondered where all the other people we had seen were?
 We found this hole that the girls climbed through.  They loved it!

 At about this time Cameron and I decided we had made a mistake and somehow we missed the trial.  I think we traveled about a mile and half down the wash.  So we turned around and headed back up.  We made it back to the trail where there was a sign we would have seen if we were not playing on the rocks.  What a lesson to learn... always stay on the trail.

 We then went back up the trail and around.  It was a cool canyon but I didn't take any pictures.   Here we are at the top where there was an arch.

The hike was fun and I highly recommend fiery furnace.