Monday, March 5, 2012

Stormy Wednesday!

Wednesday was supposed to be very stormy and windy and so we decided to sleep in a little.  We enjoyed a nice cooked  breakfast of bacon, eggs and hot chocolate which Cameron cooked for us.  

 We then sat in front of the fire and listened to the wind blow.  After a while we got up the energy to play a long game of Settlers of Cataan.  I won by a thread!
By then Cameron was going stir crazy so we ventured out into the world of snow and wind.  We went to every sports shop in town and looked at skis because Cameron wants a new pair.  No two stores gave Cameron the same opinion on what kind of skis to buy and we decided the only thing to do is demo each ski and then decide what he likes.  Maybe this fall we will do that.  We also looked at purses and I still want a purple one from Coach but I didn't buy it once again....

The snow got really serious in the late afternoon and we cuddled up with a good steak cooked in the blizzard and a movie!  What a nice relaxing day!