Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snowshoeing on Thursday

We planned to ski on Thursday.  Cameron was excited for the fresh powder and I though maybe I would try to play in it a little too.  The wind had other plans and its fierceness made us realize that the top would never open and that the wind was so cold to deal with on a ski lift.  

So we decided not to ski.  Instead we decided to snowshoe.  We took some pictures on our drive down to Rock Creek which we though might make a good venue for snowshoeing.  The wind was blowing off the peaks and it was so beautiful to see.  I love this moutain- Mount Morgan more than almost any other moutain.  The first time I saw it I was in love and each time I see it I am even more in love with it.  I think I would like this to be the view out my bedroom window every day.

 It turns out lots of people think that Rock Creek makes a good venue for snow shoeing.  So many that they have a groomer and a fee for parking.  Since we were already there we decided to pay the fee and try it out.   That is me under all that clothing.  I even wore a face mask in protection of the wind.
 At the top of the canyon is Bear Creek Spire which Cameron climbed about 9 years ago.

 We hiked about 3 miles to the frozen Rock Creek.  When we got there the snow was beginning to fall from clouds still much up the canyon from us.

 By the time we were done snowshoeing it was snowing at the car and the way back up was mostly covered with clouds.
 Back in Mammoth it was still snowing and blowing and they never did open the top.  We came back to the condo ready for dinner and a nice long stay in the hot tub.
 Here is the fajita dinner I made.  Cameron said we needed pictures!